YouTube Rolls Back ‘Disliking Counter’ Feature On Its Platform


    New budding creators and many other big wigs, won’t be the victim of disliking attack behavior on the YouTube platform. YouTube has decided that the number of dislikes won’t be visible to the public. The Google-owned company had run an experiment in March this year. The results were positive hence YouTube made it official that it will be removing the dislike counter. 

    Dislike Button Still Shows?

    The dislike button won’t be going away from the platform. But the number of dislikes won’t be viewed by the public. This means you can express your dislike if you truly must but only the content creator or channel owner can view the number of dislikes. For creators, you can still track the dislikes in the YouTube Studio alongside other analytics. This will you better your craft.

    Recently YouTube saw a constant behavior pattern where a group of people drives up the number of dislikes a video gets. The content magnet also found that more dislikes serve as a signal to others that the videos can be spam or misleading. The company had a lot of options and experimented on different ways to remove the counter. Finally, they settled on where the word “Dislike” will be visible below the thumbs-down sign. 

    This ‘dislike attack’ can affect creators’ wellbeing and demotivate them because of harassment on a public platform. YouTube introducing this new feature comes at a time where “social media affecting mental health” talks are at the highest. Most social media platforms have received negative feedbacks for hampering mental health especially when it comes to minors. Many social media companies have been working on options where they can align with upcoming mental health regulations. 

    YouTube also introduced a new feature called “New To You”. Based on your recent search, with this feature, one can view fresh content and discover new creators. This will help many new content creators receive public views and an opportunity to grow.