Video Marketing: Tips And Guide To Make The Most Of It


    Video marketing has now become an essential part of marketing. It is no longer a “can have” but has become a “must-have” in your marketing requirement. Many platforms offer an amazing audience base for a marketer to showcase their company. In fact, according to a survey, 83 percent of marketers believe that video content has more potential to reach audiences. Video marketing helps in selling your product or service through product demos or via customer testimonials. Also, a marketer can provide webinars to help them in decision making.

    Videos that are rich in content are sharable; those can be shared on various platforms and company websites too. They grab a lot of attention and videos with posts perform better too. There are major other benefits of video marketing such as 

    • Improving customer engagement,
    • It enhances audience retention rate,
    • Reaches clients at a different level in B2B cycles
    • Creates an effective remarketing campaign
    • Videos support SEO, social media, and blogging as well.

    Video marketing can offer a massive return on investment if used to its full potential, for people’s videos are entertaining and engaging. Here are a few key tips to keep in mind while incorporating video marketing,

    Quality and goal: Bad quality or ill-structured video is a big NO! Make sure you plan your video. Give it time and discuss what goal you want your video to achieve. Write a script, focus it around your goal. With video marketing you can achieve goals such as driving sales online, increasing the number of deals you close, or increasing brand awareness. Shorter videos generally about 2 minutes is the preferred duration. 

    Advertisement: If your marketing strategy includes running paid advertisements that is a boon to your business. As per a survey, most brands reach audiences via paid advertisements. YouTube too has confirmed that 70 percent of viewers get to know about new brands via paid advertisement. 

    Promote: It is absolutely important to make use of tools provided by the platform. Even if you want to run paid promotions go for it, as it offers you to help reach your content to your desired audience base. It helps in boosting user engagement. Also, make sure that you respond to comments and feedback shared by viewers. Especially on YouTube and other social media platforms, it’s important to build a rapport with your audience. 

    Track Progress: Make sure to track the success of your video. Make use of analytics to monitor your results, and learn if your video performed below par. Like for example, your main motive was lead generation, then parameters like conversion and click-through rate shall provide an accurate measurement of video effectiveness. 

    Email: Nowadays we have an audience those are millennial buyers. They prefer videos to long lengthy mails. Add video to your next campaign mails and see the effectiveness boost. 

    So that more aspects have been covered, let’s take a look at what type of videos can help you flourish your business; 

    1} Case Study: These types of videos can help your prospect understand how your organization’s expertise has helped a client achieve results. 

    2} Testimonial Videos: We humans tend to believe or buy a product/service when someone has bought it and vouches for its performance/ability. But your best success stories forward in an engaging story. 

    3} Brand Videos: These videos should help you develop your brand’s vision and help in emphasizing your vision. Make sure to avoid promoting your product or service in this type of video. This video should help your brand connect with your audience and to help them in their business. Make use of your company logo in this video. 

    4} Product or Service Video: This video will help your audience know more about your service/ product. You can highlight the product benefits and how it serves the client. With this video, you can create brand awareness and allow your viewers to visualize product benefits. 

    4} Explainer Videos: As the name suggests, it is about educating informal videos. The goal here is to explain to your audience queries like answering common questions, discussing product features, or promoting the upcoming webinar.