Tableau To Upskill 10 Million People With Data Skills In Next Half Decade


    Tableau is the world’s leading analytical platform has announced that it will train about 10 million people with data skills. This is keeping in view with the ever so growing need of data-driven organizations around the globe. Data literacy is of utmost importance to any organization and most people often lack essential data skills. Tableau commissioned a Foster research study where it was concluded that most companies look for an essential skill that is data literacy for entry-level candidates. 

    They quote that since we are in the golden era of data and analytics, organizations are seeing a huge jump in the access and availability of data. Businesses should know how to take maximum benefit of data to stay profitable and respond to ever-changing business market. Tableau commitment states that it will bridge the gap of data literacy, help a business grow, and will bring a drastic change in the careers of people. 

    Tableau foundation will launch a 5 million dollar multiyear initiative that will support gender equity. They will help girls and women horn their data skills by keeping in mind communities facing data literacy barriers. 

    They will also introduce new programs and will double down on existing programs with keeping in mind to build essential data skills. The new programs will provide free software licenses, e-learning curriculum around the world to help educators teach analytics in classrooms. Tableau started academic programs in 2011 and since then two million educators and students have been connected with them. 

    Their motto is to expand data education to apprenticeship programs by partnering with digital transformation and leadership training. They plan to develop a new range of interactive courses that will help individuals upskill and become more data literate.

    Tableau has also announced a partnership with the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) to help people across all industries use data to problem solve and make decisions. Expanding their data literacy for all with new content will help more people learn to explore, understand and communicate with data.