Five Advantages of HR Outsourcing


During the life cycle of any successful business, there comes a point at which a dedicated HR resource needs to be considered. One option that many companies are now finding advantageous is HR Outsourcing, whether this be the entire HR function or specific areas of responsibility.

Assign responsibility to the experts

Outsourcing your HR processes to a specialist service provider is also assigning responsibility of those processes to them. The provider is required, for the good of their business, to accept this responsibility and deliver on it. If, like Ciphr, your outsourced provider also supplies your HR Software then this carries that additional advantage of their expertise concerning the system, allowing them to complete complex tasks quickly and efficiently.

Increased time to concentrate on strategic priorities

With your processes in the capable hands of an HR outsourcing provider, you can take advantage of the additional resource and time that you are afforded to concentrate on moving the business forward. The day to day administration of an HR system and its processes are no longer a time consuming factor that your staff have to bear. With this additional time and resource, you are finally free to concentrate on pro-active tasks.

Benefit from cost and time savings

Staffing costs, such as recruitment and training, are reduced as well as the costs associated with staff turnover. There is no need to set individual objectives and review these per HR staff member. Outsourced HR processes are completed efficiently and in an effective manner, allowing you to assign more work to your outsourcing provider than you might be able to should the work be undertaken in house.

Enjoy service continuity

As HR processes become less of a burden, turnover and knowledge transfer become less of an issue. The service provided is seamless, and turnover, training and recruitment are the responsibility of the outsourced company and no longer your concern. Distractions are not an issue for an outsourcing provider, as your deadlines are of top priority in order to maintain your business commitment.

Utilise unbiased decision making

As outsourcing is typically removed from your immediate company premises, any decisions made by the provider are unbiased and based on evidence provided. Policies are written in black and white, the decisions made regarding policies and rules should also be black and white; if an exception occurs, then these can be dealt with as such.

At Computers In Personnel, we have always prided ourselves on the quality and depth of HR expertise in our team. We recruit only experienced HR professionals for our consultant roles and invest heavily in training all our Service Desk and Training delivery specialists. Top this off with an intimate knowledge of the capabilities of our solutions and you will realise that we have a combination that is hard to find and recruit for yourselves.