B2B Contact List: How To Get Verified And Trusted Prospect Lead Details?


    In any business getting a verified B2B contact list of prospective leads is a gruesome task. With the ever-changing requirements of businesses, to have verified and updated data is a blessing. Any company works on a simple mantra of getting more clients with minimum cost expenditure. One can make own data directory by using a few simple methods 

    Ideal Customer Profile: This is the most important aspect of building your B2B contact list. Based on the product or service you offer, your ideal customer list will be made. Your requirements can be as follows; Company size, whom to approach, Region the company is in, Industry they work in, and much more. Once you’ve locked this requirement it will be easier to narrow down your searches. 

    Total Accessible Market: TAM is useful to help you get an assumption of which companies you can approach with your service or product. It helps you know where you stand in the market and where your product demand is. It gives you an idea of how many customers you can reach via your sales and marketing channels.

    Social Media Platforms: The most important platform where you can connect with your prospects is on LinkedIn. Globally 740 million corporates use this platform. With filters on the LinkedIn site, you can narrow down your search on the application to connect with the prospective leads. Also, other social media platforms can help you to gather your client’s mail id’s. 

    Email Marketing: This is one of the most common ways to help build a B2B contact list. Email marketing tools help you to send multiple emails at one go. These tools also have in build analytics where you get verified mail id’s of people who have viewed your mails. 

    Opted-in Subscribers: These are clients who have followed your accounts on social media pages or have visited your website. These people have willingly given their contact details to you. You can direct market them and sell them your product or service.  

    To conclude, a major aspect of building a B2B contact list is networking. Before days of social media; seminars and events were your go-to for connecting with prospective leads. Make sure to build good client relations on your way up. This is a sure-shot way of growing in business and achieving success.