Wavemaker Transforms Workplace, Introduces Automation Software ‘Intelligence Engine’


Wavemaker which is a leading media company has introduced their own version of automation software for their company called intelligence engine for its day to day operations. Automation has become prominently used across all businesses since the pandemic. Various sector like pharmaceuticals, finance, technology have been using it, whereas Wavemakers is the first media company to incorporate digital transformation into its work process.

The company’s primary aim to implement intelligence engine is to free its employees from repetitive, dull but necessary routines. This will allow them to focus more on emotional and intellectual rewarding work that cannot be handled by pre-programed software.

Henry Wang, Chief Product Officer, informed that with the introduction of intelligence engine ever Wavemaker will come together to strengthen their collaboration with clients and help innovate more solutions for their clients. They want to push the boundaries to transform the work they do and for the future value of the company.

He also that he hopes that this technology can help and future proof their business, and to support their goal to attain better sustainability in human resource and finance functions. The automation modules have helped automate repetitive yet basic marketing tasks such as advertisement, and campaign monitoring with accuracy, and void of any human error.

By automating these procedures they can sustain the business operations round the clock without interruption, eliminating human error, and ultimately ensuring that all stakeholders benefit from an exceptional experience.

Since the implementation of WIE, they have achieved the goal of boosting employee dedication and morale boosting. The automation has freed them from manual repetitive work, and channel their time and energy to perform creative tasks and generating additional value for both company and its clients. With the automation in place, it has helped create space for further staff development, and has transformed its work environment to a more sustainable and employee centered space.