The acquisition of Willis HR by JER HR Group and Willis HR is announced jointly


The purchase of Willis HR by JER HR Group in a private transaction is announced jointly by JER HR Group and Willis HR. Leading HR consulting company Willis HR works with customers in the SMB and charity sectors.

“JER HR Group has more than 30 years of expertise providing HR services to clients all throughout the country. The acquisition of Willis HR, which has been operating since 2014, strengthens JER HR Group’s ability to provide current Willis HR clients with expanded services and HCM technology, according to Mahesh Kumar, Managing Director of JER HR Group.

Small businesses, which frequently lack internal HR departments or sizable HR employees, might benefit from the tailored HR solutions offered by Willis HR. Monthly HR assistance, organizational growth, and specialized training programs are all provided by Willis HR. Willis HR’s HR consulting operation will be merged into JER HR Group’s HR Services subsidiary.

“The client portal created by Willis HR is a component of this deal. Our goal is to increase the scope of the present portal’s offerings and establish ourselves as our clients’ go-to place for all HR-related information and services. Under TraineryHCM, we already have reliable SaaS HCM solutions. The HR portal’s integration with our other services broadens our product capabilities and meets client needs, according to Kumar.

“This is such an amazing opportunity for our clients and our staff,” said Jada Willis, CEO of Willis HR. To help us advance, JER HR Group is a fantastic choice and the ideal partner.

JER HR Group prioritizes offering the best HR services and technology while putting the needs of the people they serve first. We are convinced that our clients will gain from the combined capabilities because they deal with hundreds of clients around the country each year.