Suit Allegations An Living Construction Worker Was Buried On The Job Site


A new lawsuit asserts that a construction worker from Las Vegas, Nevada, who died on the job earlier this year was buried alive.

According to FOX5, the event took place on March 31 in the Northwest valley close to Kyle Canyon and Oso Blanca roads.

The coroner ruled that the worker, 32-year-old Rigoberto Canas Ramos, passed away in a trench-related accident.

Ramos was buried at the construction site, according to Las Vegas fire authorities, when a trench collapsed. The latest complaint, as reported by FOX5, claims that “Rigo’s other workers quickly hurried to the pit where he went to get the equipment to attempt to locate Rigo and found that a significant amount of dirt had been dumped into the trench.”

According to lawyers, there were no safety specialists on the premises or close by. Ramos was an employee of KB Home’s subcontractor.

According to the Department of Labor, 22 employees in the United States have died as a result of trenching and excavation work-related dangers in the first half of this year, up from only 15 in all of 2021.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) responded by announcing that this year it will conduct more than 1,000 trench inspections at construction sites around the US.

Recently, a trench collapsed at a construction site in Ajax, Ontario, on Rossland Road between Westney and Ravenscroft roads, killing two employees and injuring two more.