Solutions To Promote Effective Hiring To Combat Employment Challenges Are Introduced By JobsDB By Seek


Businesses will experience a talent shortage as their biggest issue in 2022. For employers trying to find the best personnel and create a steady applicant pool, staying ahead of emerging market trends is crucial.

The top job site in Hong Kong, JobsDB by SEEK, organized the spectacular “Forward Together – Soar towards the Future of Hiring” event at Sky100.

The lofty event brought together C-level management and senior HR executives from the city’s top businesses and featured cutting-edge approaches to empowering employers in a rapidly shifting labor market.

The evening also included a fruitful panel discussion that discussed the difficulties in finding and keeping talent as well as the best strategy for the workplace of the future.

Mismatched skill sets have resulted from the pandemic’s reshaping of the region’s talent and specialization needs. According to JobsDB’s Hiring, Compensation and Benefits Report 2023, this mismatch is one of the main reasons for the developing talent shortage, which is a serious problem for 68% of organizations having trouble filling open positions.

Lewis Ng, Chief Operating Officer of SEEK Asia, addressed the issue by introducing the recently launched Ad Budget and showcasing JobsDB’s comprehensive HR solution as an improved service delivery package for employers.

In contrast to the current system of fixed costs for particular ad types, the new model gives hirers the flexibility and control to choose ad types for individual listings by providing applicant tracking systems, payroll and HR management, candidate assessment with AI technology, and user-friendly learning platforms.

This is a way to help employers plan and use their budgets more wisely while also helping businesses with smaller hiring budgets, like startups and small- to medium-sized businesses, compete successfully in the labor market.