Shyft Careers Launches First-of-Their-Kind Recruitment Dashboard, Website, And Tech-Focused Hiring Tools


In a Tough Job Market, the Shyft Dashboard Gives Employers More Hiring Power.

Shyft Careers, a technology-focused hiring and recruiting service, has announced its new Shyft dashboard and website—groundbreaking new solutions for growing organizations wanting to rapidly and inexpensively acquire top talent.

“In this competitive employment market, the conventional means of hiring just don’t cut it,” stated Joel Radziewicz, Managing Partner of Shyft Careers. “Our new Shyft dashboard, website, and other tech-focused resources now provide our clients an advantage when searching not just to employ but also to identify their future superstars.”

The Shyft dashboard employs a “deconstructed” recruitment strategy to find the best candidates for a company’s open positions. It then puts the power in the hands of the business, allowing them to communicate with and interview top job candidates.

“Finding and recruiting the right people requires a significant investment of time, money, and resources when using traditional hiring methods,” Radziewicz explained. “However, with our dashboard, website, and other recruitment tools, hiring has become more cost-effective and time-efficient.”

Businesses may manage all vacant posts and candidates in one location using the Shyft dashboard. Shyft’s expert recruiting team is in charge of locating the greatest prospective candidates for each company. Shyft’s clients recruit 75% quicker than traditional hiring techniques on average, allowing them to secure high-quality personnel ahead of their competition.