Sapia.Ai Will Invest In Bringing The Best-Kept Secret In Hr Technology To America

b2b is thrilled to increase its share of the US market in 2023 with the appointment of Russell Mikowski as President, of the Americas, following its amazing success in revolutionizing recruiting for some of Australia’s largest retail companies.

Mikowski, who has worked as the head of sales for both iCIMS and Symphony Talent in the past, provides a wealth of experience in the HR software environment. Mikowski said, “I can’t wait to show everyone what Sapia is capable of.

“Talent acquisition will undergo a revolution thanks to this technology.” At a time when many North American organizations are focused on recession-proofing their hiring processes, Sapia tackles key pain points like cost-per-hire, time-to-fill, and hiring accuracy objectively and better than any other solution on the market.

The sharpest spotlight in HR technology is now on technologies that can successfully screen and analyze candidates’ probability to perform well in a particular post, due to the growing emphasis on skills-based recruiting (something resumes are of little use with).

Candidates take part in Sapia, a chat-based interview, on their phones. It gives everyone who wants one the chance to get the first interview and provides individualized feedback about their strengths and shortcomings by using AI to scan chat text to determine a candidate’s fitness for a job (not only to the hiring team but also to the candidate).

Yes, every applicant who participates in the chat interview receives feedback through Sapia.

People are astonished by Open AI’s ChatGPT and how it provides accurate and human-like general knowledge replies.

The “next frontier of AI” is this. Similar technology is used by Sapia to accurately inform hiring managers and recruiters about the “person behind the résumé.”

96.7% of applicants say they find Sapia’s comments helpful, even if they don’t win the job for which they applied.