Results Of An Upcity Survey Show That, In 2022, 46% Of Smbs Will Be Using Ai While Expanding Their Workforce


UpCity has released the findings of a poll that examines the opinions of SMB owners and staff to offer insight into the methods used by businesses to apply artificial intelligence (AI).

In The AI Tools and the Labor Crisis, 600 small company owners and employees from throughout the United States share their perspectives on the benefits and drawbacks of employing AI tools in the context of the labor shortage.

Among the statistical highlights are:

  • The manpower scarcity led to the initial use of AI solutions by 53 percent of B2B small firms. When the scarcity started, 40% of B2C small firms grew their current usage of AI products.
  • Pre-COVID and now in 2022, 35% of small enterprises, regardless of revenue, had a monthly AI tools budget of $1,000–$5,000.
  • According to 11% of respondents, they will utilize fewer employees and more AI products.
  • Businesses engaged in both B2B and B2C transactions said that text AI solutions are now used most frequently (22%).

According to Joe Banks, SVP of Engineering at UpCity, the fact that AI technologies can be applied across a range of sectors is the reason why so many organizations are embracing them.

“There is an AI solution to assist simplify a company’s process, whether it’s a gap in human resources, such as recruiting or onboarding, or other administrative services,” Banks said. “Ignoring AI is not an option if you want your company to perform above its limitations. We at UpCity are pleased to have experts that specialize in AI as partners because of this.

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