Prepare for a legal battle after employee unions claim labor law violations following BYJU’s layoffs


The employees of BYJU’S, the most valuable unicorn in the Indian edtech market, are thinking of contacting the labor ministries of the federal and several state governments, which might result in new issues for BYJU’S. The edtech unicorn will lay off 2,500 individuals, or around 5% of the workforce, and various labor organizations are considering taking legal action against the company for allegedly violating labor laws.

The decision by BYJU to close its branch offices and centers in over 60 Indian locations, which worried thousands of executives there who fear losing their jobs, came just before this. The massive edtech company claimed to employ 50,000 people.

The layoffs, which will affect about 10,000 workers, are allegedly in violation of Indian labor laws, according to numerous labor organizations.

The All India IT/ ITes Employee Union’s Maharashtra branch representative announced that the union will lodge a complaint with the state’s labor ministry regarding the alleged “unethical layoffs at BYJU’S.”