Ontario Company Fined $50,000 For Seriously Injuring A Worker


Ontario fined Canadian Waste Management $50,000 after one of its employees sustained a serious injury while performing duties.

After pleading guilty, the employer must also pay a 25% victim fine surcharge as required by the Provincial Offenses Act. The provincial government will allocate this surcharge to a fund that supports crime victims.

When the event occurred on December 8, 2020, the employer had a contract with the City of Stratford for the pickup of organic waste, recycling, and rubbish. On that particular day, a worker was emptying a rubbish collection truck at the city’s dump.

The Ontario worker activated the truck’s equipment to move the rubbish from the hopper to the tailgate for emptying. A garbage bag had slipped behind the ram that was moving the debris, the worker suddenly discovered.

While the machinery was still operating, the worker used a plastic snow brush collected from the trash to move the fallen bag closer. The employee reached into the vehicle and took the bag out.

The worker’s jacket became entangled in the equipment during that operation. The worker suffered a serious injury.

According to Robert Vomiero, a machine and robotics safety expert with Workplace Safety & Prevention Services, “You can greatly reduce the obstacles that may lead to machine-related injuries and downtime when you design machines and choose to safeguard that meets the capabilities of people.”