Many Hr Directors Are Underequipped To Address The Demands Of Employees’ Mental Health And Wellbeing


According to a recent research, human resources experts predict that issues related to employees’ mental health will be among their biggest challenges this year.

According to Dialogue Health Technologies, the main problems for 2023 are employee mental health (cited by 61% of respondents) and employee well-being (cited by 56% of respondents).

Offering managers resources and training in mental health, however, will be difficult, according to 58% of respondents. And almost half (48%) claim that company benefit plans for employees do not give them access to mental health professionals.

Insuring that employees are taking full advantage of their benefit plans is tough for 45 percent of HR executives, and 70 percent of HR leaders believe managers lack the necessary training to identify and address the mental health issues of their staff.

About four in ten (39%) people say their present mental health assistance is insufficient (29%) or nonexistent (14%), and nearly half (48%) say their employment benefits programmes do not give them access to a mental health specialist.

In a prior research from the Society for Human Resource Management, just 38% of HR professionals said they effectively assisted employees with mental health difficulties in 2022. (SHRM).