Location Insights From ActivTrak Helps Leaders Recognize Where Their Teams Function Best


Location Insights has been added to ActivTrak’s platform for workforce analytics. The new capability assists managers in making data-driven decisions about office, remote, and hybrid work by recognizing how geography affects worker productivity and work practices.

Although 54% of executives believe productivity has been negatively impacted since the transition, 80% of employees claim they are just as productive or more so since adopting remote or hybrid, according to a new Microsoft Work Trend Index1.

The answer to inquiries like “How frequently do individuals utilize the office?” is provided by ActivTrak Location Insights. Is office work more productive than remote work? How much time is wasted on the commute? Which teams and employees require greater in-person collaboration time? same, “Are my staff following the new office policy?”

Using this information, management may set standards for remote work such as “in-office work days” and guarantee that workloads and productivity are distributed fairly among all employees. Additionally, they aid in determining how much office space is needed and whether to adapt it to fit modern working practices or lower their physical footprint.

Despite obtaining sensitive information like a person’s geolocation, Location Insights classifies an employee’s principal work location for a given day as remote, office, or hybrid. They also give executives insight into how offices are being used, allowing them to decide which work environment will boost productivity and create and improve hybrid work policies that promote work-life balance, wellbeing, and company requirements. Among them are:

  • Daily productivity by location
  • Location breakdown for office, remote, and hybrid
  • distribution of locations by week

These perceptions are especially crucial to ensuring the success of recently hired staff members who might require extra assistance and cultural acclimation to feel like a part of the business.