LG Showcases Power Of 6G Technology At South Korea Technology Exhibition


While the world awaits the trial and implementation of 5G at a broader scale, LG showcased the power of 6G technology, the future of wireless networking. The South Korean company, LG unveiled the scientific innovation at the 2021 Korea Science and Technology Exhibition. They unveiled a power amplifier for 6G for the first time with a device that was jointly developed by a German institute called Fraunhofer Research Institute.

A demo of 6G technology was given that showcased its transmission and reception capabilities. According to the company the technology can be used to send receive data within a frequency band of 100 THz and 10 THz (Terahertz) to enable a transmission rate of up to 1 terabit per second. With the current 5G in a trial, one can get up to 10 Gbps download speed, 6G technology will offer 10 times more bandwidth. However, in comparison to the 4G or 5G network, 6G uses more power and has a shorter range.

The company has also showcased adaptive beaming technology in collaboration with Keysight Technologies Inc. They can change the beam directions according to channel changes and the position of the receivers. The expected commercialization of 6G data will happen by 2029 and standardization by 2025. LG, however, started working on the 6G technology in 2019 and established LG-KAIST 6G research centre.

The speed is although very high compared to 5G, one must realize that these are trails and that they happen in a very controlled environment so the speeds will differ when 6G will be deployed in real life. The company at the event said that 6G will be a key component of Ambient Internet Of Everything. They plan on making the emerging technology more sensitive, adaptive, autonomous, and personalized to help improve living and business environments.