Leading The Way In Employee Communications With Its Cutting-Edge Technology Is Akumina, A Pioneer In The Digital Workplace


Effective communication is essential for a productive and efficient workplace. Every day, we communicate with others, whether it’s to complete a task, develop a project, or just to say hello. Communicators must efficiently disseminate critical information to diverse audiences via a range of platforms and at scale in order to meet the demands of today’s mixed work patterns.

Thanks to Akumina, a pioneer in the field, and its Broadcast Center feature set, how messages are transmitted to employees has undergone a radical change.

According to Ed Rogers, CEO & Founder of Akumina, “Our Research and Development team realized we had a potential to build something that would have a huge impact across all of our customers.” Many of our Global 500 clients have been asking for multi-channel broadcast communications.

In the end, the Akumina Broadcast Center provides communicators with the means to contact their employees across all of the available channels with messages that are tailored to their needs and of varying relevance.

Broadcast Center, the first communication tool of its kind, can quickly and accurately target messages throughout your firm. Using a contemporary design, you may create a personalized message using documents, images, and videos.

The author then has total control over the Akumina Persona engine, enabling them to generate dynamic recipient lists based on any criteria (language, job role, pay level, store location, employee tenure length, and hundreds of others) and send them via any combination of channels to correspond to the urgency of their messages.

The tool is completed with a required read and comprehensive analytics, making it one of the most cutting-edge resources available for Corporate Communications and HR departments.