Leadership from the University of Phoenix will speak at the 1EdTech Digital Curriculum And App Innovation Summit


Eve Krahe-Billings, Ph.D., dean of Academic Innovation and Evaluation, Mary Elizabeth Smith, director of Learning Innovation Strategy, and Shelley Hodges, senior director of College Operations, will lead a session on the University’s collaborative work toward university-wide skills-aligned curriculum at the 1EdTech Digital Curriculum & App Innovation Summit in November in Baltimore, Maryland.

1EdTech’s new Digital Curriculum and App Innovation Summit aim to highlight great instances of how educational institutions use technology to make instructors’ lives simpler while simultaneously boosting student learning experiences and outcomes.

Curriculum to Careers: Radical Collaboration in Assessment + Analytics + Design will be led by Krahe-Billings, Smith, and Hodges. They will detail the University of Phoenix’s journey toward a university-wide, skills-aligned curriculum, as well as the steps taken to successfully vision, design, and implement a skills-aligned curriculum framework focused on career identification and development across all academic programming at the University.

“Knowing our students and the value they take on the practicality of education, the University of Phoenix has emerged from a pandemic time with over 85 percent of programs available for new enrollment revamped, skills-tagged, and ready for use by students,” says Krahe-Billings.

Krahe-Billings’ responsibilities as Dean of Academic Innovation and Evaluation include identifying and vetting emerging trends and current best practices in higher education for use at the university, as well as oversight of all student learning assessments, leading teams devoted to academic and institutional assessment, and overseeing the technology systems that ingest and aid in data analysis.

She is a member of the American Association of University Administrators’ Board of Directors and a previous member of the Arizona Humanities Council’s Board of Directors.