Kantola Introduces Training Programs for Inclusive Management


A crucial manager-specific supplement to its all-staff fundamental DEI training, Kantola Training Solutions, a pioneer in the eLearning sector and trusted by over 15,000 employers, has just released its new Inclusive Management course series.

This training program was developed by Kantola to support businesses struggling to move DEI forward effectively. These organizations sincerely want to foster a more diverse, egalitarian, and inclusive workplace, but they have trouble making those goals a reality.

Only 18% of organizations are at the “advanced level” of their DEI initiatives, according to recent industry studies, and only 4% have reached the “expert stage.” Additionally, just 9% of employees think their company’s DEI activities are successful.

One of the main obstacles mentioned was “inadequate training,” and it was suggested to start using tactics like including all managers, providing different training programs, and reiterating DEI messaging with tools and assistance.

Through our collaborations with a wide range of companies, we have observed how crucial manager engagement is to the long-term success of DEI. To enable business managers to become a potent force for good change, we developed our new Inclusive Management training series.

CEO of Kantola Training Solutions, Sarah Rowell

Managers have a key role in improving DEI. Why? due to the fact that they are the main organizational channel, having an influence on their team, senior leaders, and peers. Depending on whether they are given the assistance they require, they may either play a critical role in fostering a more varied, egalitarian, and inclusive work environment or they can significantly impede actual progress.

The Inclusive Management training series from Kantola provides managers with useful advice and useful tools to help them embrace more inclusive management techniques.