Justworks, a provider of HR technology, opens its first Canadian office in Toronto


The newly established team wants to increase the effect of Justworks’ goods and services.

Announcing the launch of its first Canadian office in Toronto, Ontario, Justworks, an NYC-based provider of HR technology that offers U.S. small companies access to benefits, payroll, HR tools, and compliance assistance, made the announcement. In order to employ and expand local product and engineering teams over the coming year, the firm intends to take advantage of the Toronto Region’s distinctive combination of high-quality tech talent, a dynamic technological environment, and an enterprising business community.

The mission of Justworks Labs, a quick-thinking, dynamic subsidiary of Justworks established in early 2021 and dedicated to creating innovative solutions for small businesses, serves as the foundation for the company’s entry into Canada.

The new Toronto-based team, led by Daniel Williams and Greg Burgoon, will collaborate with Justworks Labs’ American branch. Over 1,000 employees work for Justworks total, including a sizable R&D team devoted to the company’s main platform.

Williams and Burgoon see a significant potential to capitalize on the city’s highly sought-after tech talent to power Justworks’ next stage of development and innovation as they strive to establish Toronto as a primary R&D site.

Williams, who will oversee product management as Group Product Manager for the Toronto office, remarked that “Justworks has always taken a thorough approach to its product strategy.” “With the same degree of attention, our team will concentrate on growing Justworks’ pipeline of promising possibilities. We want to concentrate on developing robust capabilities across payroll, benefits, HR, and compliance that can make a difference for small firms.