IEEE Announces Initiative To Reduce Cost Of Online Courses For Engineers And Others


The IEEE Continu>ED initiative was started by IEEE, the largest technical professional organization in the world, to increase the affordability, accessibility, and relevance of its online courses for continuing education and professional development for engineers and other technical professionals in Africa.

A four-month free trial to a selection of 18 of IEEE’s premium course programs is available to qualified businesses, industries, and organizations in Nigeria and Ghana, both in the public and private sectors. Digital transformation, blockchain, artificial intelligence, 5G, the smart grid, power safety standards, and other topics are covered in the IEEE Continu>ED pilot program.

According to Vincent Kaabunga, a former chair of the IEEE Africa Council, “This is an exceptional opportunity for businesses in Africa to provide their employees with access to high-quality technical content that will impact productivity and keep organizations competitive in today’s rapidly changing technological world.”

Do you want to improve and raise the staff’s educational level? Do you desire a professional education that will alter the method staff do their duties and aid in the expansion of the company? Use the IEEE Continu>ED pilot project to increase staff technical proficiency without expense if the answer to these questions is yes. This change will only be accessible for a brief period of time.