Hiring Managers Believe They Can’t Offer All The Advantages That Workers Demand


According to recent research, 71% of recruiting decision-makers say it’s hard to provide all of the perks that employees desire right now, owing to a tight labor market.

However, according to a Harris Poll poll for Express Employment Professionals, 80% of decision-makers are “taking initiatives to make recruiting easier,” which include:

  • Increasing beginning pay (33%).
  • Bonuses for hiring (29%)
  • Providing remote employment (27%)
  • Providing more perks (27%)
  • expanding the regions where they post job openings (21%).
  • More internships are being offered (19%).
  • lowering qualifying requirements (19%)

Furthermore, 71% of companies stated that they “changed” their perks, such as increasing:

  • Paid vacation (32%).
  • Sickness (31%)
  • Other healthcare incentives, such as gym memberships and mental health services (28%), are available.

Employers reported higher employee turnover as a result of greater compensation or perks available elsewhere (31%). They also anticipate that lack of competitive pay and benefits will be their largest hiring difficulty during the coming year.