Hireology Referrals Now Integrates With Over 80 Payroll And Ats Providers


Customers of Hireology Referrals, previously EmployUs, are now able to dramatically speed up their hiring processes and fill available posts more quickly thanks to the upgrade.

Announcing that more than 80 payrolls and application tracking system (ATS) providers are now integrated with Hireology Referrals, the platform’s built-in employee recommendation management system, the leading recruiting and HR platform for decentralized hiring, Hireology has announced. Customers of Hireology Referrals may now instantly sync employee data with their preferred HR systems, resulting in a quicker and more effective recruiting process.

The update makes it unnecessary to manually transmit job, applicant, and employee data. As a result, current Hireology Recommendations users may maintain records up-to-date in real-time, while new users have the power to set up their accounts quickly and begin generating referrals. The ability to cut days or even hours off the hiring process might be the difference between filling available positions and losing top talent to competitors at a time of historically high labor supply and demand imbalance.

“Moving quickly on top candidates is more crucial than ever in today’s market. However, clumsy, disjointed HR systems frequently prohibit companies from operating quickly enough to maintain a full crew, according to Adam Robinson, CEO of Hireology.

HR departments can manage recommendation applicants, keep tabs on referral bonus payments, and build and monitor a variety of internal referral campaigns (including SMS, email, and QR codes) using Hireology Referrals, all from a single user-friendly platform. Employee recommendations are the source of new recruits that generate the most for Hireology clients using the platform. Since purchasing EmployUs in 2021, Hireology has increased its clientele by more than 3500% and assisted certain clients in generating as many as 50,000 recommendations in a calendar year.

Employee referrals are a crucial source of applications and new recruits at a time when the talent pool is small and hiring is more difficult than it has ever been, according to Robinson. We want you to be able to utilize this powerful software and implement an employee referral program that generates actual ROI, therefore we don’t care what ATS and payroll provider you use—whether it’s Hireology, Netchex, or any other player on the market.