Everguard.Ai Services To Attract More Workers And Make Manufacturing Workplaces Safer


Everguard.ai, a provider of AI-based worker safety solutions, is expanding its innovative technology to redefine industrial sustainability in order to assist businesses in creating safe and healthy work environments in order to attract and retain workers.

Sentri360, a unique Worker-Centric AI technology platform, is the first AI platform to build a conscious environment driven by sensor fusion that places workers at its core, identifying distress and danger long before a human can.

With a record number of unfilled jobs constraining development in the manufacturing sector, a renewed emphasis on worker health and safety is driving the adoption of technology like Everguard’s Sentri360.

According to Deloitte’s 2022 Manufacturing Industry Outlook, recruiting personnel is the top concern for 38% of manufacturing executives in 2022.

This is hardly surprising given that the manufacturing industry is still suffering from manpower shortages. According to the US Chamber of Commerce, there are approximately 66 employees for every 100 available positions in the United States.

To put this figure in context, even if every jobless worker with manufacturing expertise was hired, just 65 percent of open jobs in this industry would be filled.

Manufacturers are turning to innovative technology to build safe cultures and workplaces where workers feel cared for and empowered in order to address the labor shortage.

Everguard’s Sentri360, which combines computer vision (CV), sensor fusion, edge computing, and wearables, is a proactive solution that has revolutionized the safety paradigm.

Previously, safety teams were confined to looking at lagging signs only after an incident happened to attempt to prevent the next one, but systems like Everguard’s are allowing firms to take a proactive approach to worker health and safety for the first time.