Enhanced Version of Boomnation’s Popular Skilled Workforce App Launches


Release of version 2.0 of the brand-new and well-liked mobile app community known as LinkedIn for the expert worker. BoomNation has released a new version of its app with improved usability, additional features, and enhanced functionality.

The app community is renowned for bringing together tradesmen and employers that are trying to find a more effective approach to interact with and hire skilled labor, share material, and improve project communications.

BoomNation is continuing to use its technology platform to update and streamline the workforce recruiting and project communications process between job seekers, hiring managers, and project managers. Thousands of talented employees and businesses now use the app.

According to Brent Flavin, co-founder, and co-CEO of BoomNation, “We kept hearing from our trades groups that one of their major concerns is the transparency of opportunity. We recognized we had to develop a community to tackle the inefficiencies of bringing workers and employers together.” “With 2.0, we are continuing to improve the platform to guarantee a top-notch experience for this overlooked workforce,” the statement reads.

BoomNation was created specifically for companies and skilled employees. It helps workers in construction, manufacturing, oil and gas, transportation and warehousing, utilities, and other sectors, as well as welders, electricians, operators, and pipefitters. They may use the app to search for employment, apply for them, network, and advertise their abilities and craftsmanship.

BoomNation 2.0 has several new features, including:

  • improved interface
  • Ability to share and publish videos as well as share and like posts; robust and upgraded newsfeed with video and more real-time relevant information
  • Message system that can send attachments and images
  • New direct messaging features to support network building
  • Workers may zoom into a particular location on an interactive jobs map, click a position, and get a pop-up preview of the job description and abilities necessary.
  • new job openings with engagement options in the newsfeed
  • Without having to log in or make an account, you may look for employment, but if you want to apply, you’ll be prompted to do so.

In order to facilitate more effective communication and engagement with just a few clicks, BoomNation will soon give businesses a searchable database of verified talents among employees as it continues to enhance the app’s capabilities.

BoomNation Chairman and Co-CEO Chris Meaux remarked, “As we continue our platform expansion, we are delighted by the opportunities presently presented to employees and employers, as well as those that are coming.” Because they are aware that BoomNation is the place where they can quickly connect with and recruit the tradespeople needed to fill their positions, more companies are advertising jobs there.

BoomNation has developed a community of thousands of employees and employers that use the app to exchange content, network, and find employment around the country since its November 2021 launch.