Dovetail Software Enhances Employee and HR Workplace Experiences With New Product Features


Dovetail Software updated its HR Case Management capabilities in 2022 to improve the employee and HR experience of HR Services.

A new Survey feature allows HR to receive rapid feedback from workers once their question, request, or query has been fulfilled, increasing HR responsiveness while giving employees the impression that their needs are being addressed by the business.

Other updates include:

  • Pages have been redesigned to make Dovetail simpler and easier to use.
  • Expansion of the strong querying capabilities with the addition of additional items that guarantee a consistent user experience
  • Improved handling of Out-Of-Office emails and faster file attachment options make dealing with emails even more enjoyable.
  • Dovetail administration has been streamlined with new Setup and Settings pages, as well as a new Case Security Utility tool.

“Throughout 2022, we’ve introduced new features and increased Dovetail capabilities for HR, built strong tools for Administrators, and new APIs for developers,” stated Gary Sherman, VP of Products at Dovetail. Our priority is always to provide a positive user experience for both HR and employees. Not only are we enthusiastic about these new capabilities, but so are our customers, since many of these changes were inspired by suggestions provided directly by our HR professional client base.”

Dovetail client Jessica Berdaguer, HR Manager at Swire Coca-Cola, commented on the latest product enhancements, saying, “Dovetail continues to grow on its capabilities to provide us the freedom to customize the system to match our needs.” I have never encountered an HR program that gives the flexibility and customer service that Dovetail does in my 15-year career.”

Dovetail Software’s Product Roadmap is always evolving to provide the greatest user experience for HR teams and workers in enterprise enterprises. “Our clients want to deliver the finest experience of HR Services to their employees, and this is what we provide through our Product Roadmap by providing updates and upgrades to our software on a continuous basis,” stated Kane Frisby, COO at Dovetail.