Coop Norge Updates Employee Access Rights Management in Partnership With Nixu


There are 28,000 employees at Coop Norge and 1,400 outside workers. The cooperative, which is controlled by over 2 million co-owners, operates over 1,200 stores under the labels Obs, Extra, Coop Mega, Coop Prix, Coop Marked, Matkroken, Obs BYGG, and Coop Byggmix. These brands are associated with six separate grocery store chains.

Within a six-month timeframe, Coop Norge sought to replace its out-of-date system with Saviynt’s cloud-based Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) solution. IGA solutions assist businesses in managing the identity lifecycle of their personnel, keeping track of workers as they join, leave, or transfer within the business.

Nixu and Coop Norge collaborated to create the new solution because of Nixu’s extensive expertise with comparable Saviynt IGA implementations and its Nordic presence. Nixu has implemented the crucial Saviynt functions required in employee identity lifecycle management in the first phase of the cooperation, which began in January 2022, and has made the most significant integrations.

“This is only the beginning; we’ll work together for years to come. To go where we desire, we require Nixu’s resources and experience. When we begin larger initiatives in the future, we will contact Nixu for assistance. At the very least, SAP integration is something I anticipate happening soon, says Eirik Klouman Berg, enterprise architect at Coop Norge.

Better governance is made possible by the new IGA system’s automated procedures and precise access permission granting capabilities.

When soon one Saviynt system can do the same functions that before eight systems were executing separately from one another, system owners and line managers will have better insight over the access rights of their personnel.

A subsequent stage will see the integration of certain new features into Saviynt. The partnership’s further phases will also involve integrating Saviynt with Coop’s new learning management system.