CareTech And Ciber Unites With HTC Global Services, Reveals New Identity


HTC announced that its companies CareTech and Ciber are uniting under one brand. These amalgamated brands will be under HTC Global Services. With this new beginning, the company is embodying its renewed ambitions and aspirations. 

This adoption will reflect its transformative journey and the impact it has on its customers, stakeholders, and employees. HTC had acquired CareTech solutions in 2014, which was a leading healthcare technology leader from North America. Whereas, it acquired Ciber Inc, in 2017, which was a global IT consulting and outsourcing company. These acquisitions had widened the company’s horizon in the IT sector and helped in strengthening its expertise to deliver outstanding customer service, to fulfill its strategic growth objectives across industrial verticals.

They always were a customer-oriented service provider and wanted to unify under a single brand. This will help in simplifying the customer experience as well. The company said that they have always made the best use of their three brands and now they wish to communicate their total value more compellingly. They assure to leverage their expertise in all the areas in which their business operates.

The Founder and CEO Madhava Reddy of HTC Global Services while unveiling their company’s brand identity added that the company’s new vision is “Reimagining a better-shared world’ and their new mission is ‘Bring human expertise to teach to deliver purposeful solutions that amplify value.’

They unveiled their logo where they want to empower its customer, people, and partner in the digital era. Their new motto and tagline are ‘Let’s Make Digital Change Happen.’ The CEO added that they are re-energizing their business and by becoming one brand, they are further strengthening the essential focus on customers and sharpening their services to offer them better as per the needs of the future. Their human connections and relationships make them unique, is also what he added.