As Part Of Their Strategies For Digital Innovation, Businesses In The Uk Are Hiring Laid-Off It Workers


No nation seems to have escaped this year’s ongoing waves of layoffs in the IT sector.

The United Kingdom, for instance, has seen the effects of declining investment and financial headwinds, forcing businesses ranging from the smallest startups to established giants to drastically reduce staff.

However, “one firm’s loss is another firm’s gain,” as the proverb goes. In fact, two non-tech companies have recently made moves to access the talented personnel pool, signaling a growing trend across industries to recruit people freed up by tech layoffs and hiring freezes.

According to the company, “Jaguar Land Rover is opening a new jobs portal for displaced workers from the tech industry to explore career opportunities” in response to news of widespread job losses from technology firms.

Jaguar Land Rover’s involvement shows that the digital skill sets that have driven their innovation boom are appreciated in other industries as well, even as hyper-digital, startup-centric sectors like FinTech struggle to find their place in the austere new economic reality.

At its technology hub in Manchester, England, Jaguar is hiring dozens of software developers in specialties like cybersecurity, data science, and cloud computing, according to a search of the company’s job board.

Indeed, newly unemployed programmers will be relieved to learn that the modern automotive industry is also in demand for programming languages like Python and C++, which are popular in web and app development.