As Instant Brands Expands Its Employee Rewards Program, Vacation Giveaways Make Their Debut


Recognizing exceptional plant and distribution center employees is part of the ongoing investment in the workforce.

The manufacturer of household names like Instant Pot, Pyrex, and others, Instant Brands, keeps growing its employee incentives program to honor the dedication of those who work in its manufacturing facilities and distribution centers. Instant Brands is giving 10 workers two fully paid vacation days as part of its ongoing commitment to its personnel.

Over the next six months, Instant Brands will conduct two vacation rewards lotteries at each of its five field offices situated in the United States. For their well-deserved vacation, the 10 winning workers may choose from one of two preset “warm weather” (Hawaii, Las Vegas, Orlando, San Diego) or “cold weather” (Alaska, Boston, New York City, Seattle) U.S. destinations.

Ben Gadbois, president, and chief executive officer of Instant Brands, stated, “Our workers’ devotion to helping us deliver our products is something we value and reward inside our culture. We value our workers, and our rewards program has been expanded to reflect this. This allows us to recognize their accomplishments in the most meaningful ways possible.

The finest attendance records from March 7 through June 30, 2022, are eligible for the first vacation incentive draws. The initial draws are open to more than 15% of Instant Brands’ U.S. factory and distribution center employees.

At the first vacation rewards drawing, which was held yesterday at the Instant Brands distribution plant in Byhalia, Miss., 25 out of 156 workers were eligible.

Angela Savage, a worker from Byhalia, was the lucky recipient of the prize. Savage has worked with Instant Brands for two years as a quality control inspector. She lives in Memphis, Tennessee.

In addition to Byhalia, Vacation Drawings will be held in the upcoming weeks at each of the company’s eight US production and distribution facilities. Winners will be selected in early 2023 for the second round of vacation rewards draws, which is for the greatest attendance records from July 1 through December 31, 2022. Five workers at Instant Brands received brand-new 2022 Jeep Compasses as part of the company’s 2021 appreciation program.