Apprentice Introduces Augmented Work Instructions To Support Life Science Organizations In Starting Their Digital Transformation


Apprentice highlighted their latest Tempo Manufacturing Cloud capabilities, the Augmented Work Instructions (AWI) bundle. Businesses in the life sciences industry that are starting to switch from a paper-based to a digital system are the target audience for AWI. Customers that utilize AWI on the Tempo Cloud can ultimately upgrade to Tempo’s fully comprehensive manufacturing execution system as they go forward with their digital transformation.

The standout product

  • Through the use of a point-and-click designer, paper-based processes can be converted into digital workflows that include wearable headsets and portable tablets for on-the-go creation and execution, assistance with the simplification of complex processes, and the capture of method media instructions in the form of images, videos, and augmented reality overlays.
  • With vendor-supplied products, GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) criteria are immediately addressed. By delivering an onboarding team, a customer success manager, and technical support, Installation Qualification and Operational Qualification, which saves clients 10 to 12 weeks of effort, guarantee the success of clients.
  • gives manufacturing teams a complete set of MES, LES, and remote collaboration features that they may enhance as operations expand.

Apprentice’s Tempo Manufacturing Cloud now includes Augmented Work Instructions in addition to its Manufacturing Execution System, Laboratory Execution System, and Tandem virtual communication platform. It provides the whole range of skills required to manage the several teams and places involved in the production of treatment.

Pharmaceutical companies working in pre-clinical, clinical, and commercial production settings utilize AWI for electronic batch records, electronic log books, process management, line clearance, and operator training.

Going digital was no longer an option, according to Angelo Stracquatanio, the CEO and co-founder of Apprentice. Not only do paper-based processes squander resources, but they also provide too much room for subpar quality control. Our Augmented Work Instructions package makes the switch to digital workflow quick and simple thanks to features designed expressly to convert paper documents into the digital workflow. Additionally, we guarantee that consumers have access to the tools they require for effective management.