Android To Introduce Feature To Set Choice Of Language For Each App On Your Phone


As per the latest buzz in the technology industry, Android 13 may have a feature that will allow you to choose a different language for every app you use. Google is working on this new app feature that may be released with Android 13. The code name for this feature is “Panlingual,” which will allow customers to choose the language of their choice, even the local language, for an app separate from the system-wide setting. For example, if the phone system uses English as a language, a person can select French for its social media apps.

The development for this is still in the beta stage, and the details of how the feature will work are awaited. There might be changes as and when the development proceeds. As per sources, Google will add a new “App language” setting to the already existing “language and input” page. The settings will be available to users in the “app info” screen too.

Google plans to allow users to change the selected language preference of the app from a single location on their phone. This will help save the users’ time from having to change each app’s language setting individually. The apps that users want to change the language should support the other languages. If any app supports only one language, then this feature won’t be of much use. Google has supposedly added inline translation with Android 12. Android apps can translate on their own, even if the app developers don’t add other languages in the future.

Currently, the system settings are in the default language and all Android apps use the same. If the app supports more than one language, then a person has to choose the language manually, but with panlingual Google, the inconvenience for its Android users will be fixed. While the Android 13 update isn’t likely to be released before September 2022, the first developer preview is expected to be released before the end of the first quarter.