Amazon Cloud Outage Affect Major Services Around The World, Hits Streaming Sites Too


This holiday season comes with a shudder as Amazon Cloud Services, were hit with an outage, affecting customers worldwide. Amazon cloud network service provides services to many governments, universities, and companies also streaming services like Netflix, Disney Plus, and major Inc eCommerce websites. Amazon cloud service is the largest cloud computing service provider in the U.S.

The outage lasted throughout the day and disrupted several companies and tech giants’ websites and apps. Many people felt the dependency on internet-abled devices they have daily for basic needs in their homes and at work. Even Alexa services were hampered during the outage.

The cause of the outage is not known as yet and AWS has not listed any reasons on its page. This is not an uncommon occurrence for the company as major outages in the past have happened and have bought down the site entirely.

Amazon Web Services have acknowledged the outage and in a statement said that they have identified the root cause and are actively working towards recovery. Richard Rocha, Amazon’s spokesperson said that the outage had affected Amazon’s warehouse and delivery operations too.

Dallas-based Southwest Airlines switched its west coast servers after some airport based systems were affected by the outage. Thankfully there were no major disruptions to flights. Till late in the evening, it was unclear how the outage had affected US federal government. They said in an email response that they were working with Amazon to understand if there were any potential impact this outage may have for them.

AWS Management Console and AWS Support Center also saw “increased error messages” across all territories.

AWS Management Console acts as a central hub for customers to access their suite of AWS services, allowing them to manage the full gamut of cloud computing and cloud storage.