After-Hours Incursions Increase Stress And Depressed Symptoms


A recent study found that contacting remote workers after office hours increases stress and depression symptoms.

Researchers from the US, Australia, and Europe collaborated on the study to find out the effects of after-work intrusions by polling 896 People from different industries. These incursions may take the form of late-night emails or after-hours instant messaging.

According to Professor Mayowa Babalola of RMIT University, “on days where supervisors intruded, employees reported significant levels of workplace tension, work stress, and they reported high levels of depression symptoms.”

According to Babalola, one of the study’s researchers, this occurred as a result of the pandemic’s introduction of flexible work schedules, which made the connection “an expectation rather than a choice.”

In a separate interview with RMIT, Babalola stated, “We observed many are realizing that the continual ping of Teams and late-night emails are transferring work stress and depression symptoms into their personal life.”