According To New Data From Fiverr Business, A Third Of U.S. Managers And Executives Want Their Workers Back So They Can Keep Track Of Them


The business Fiverr International, which is transforming how the world collaborates, has disclosed the rationale behind return-to-work regulations.

Over 1,000 managers, executives, and 1,000 workers of companies of all sizes and revenue levels participated in a national survey done by Fiverr Business, Fiverr’s catalog of verified and vetted talent for medium to big organizations, in collaboration with Censuswide.

According to the findings of the two studies, managers feel that employees are more motivated and take fewer breaks when a manager is present. When asked if they would consider resigning if had to work five days a week, 42% of respondents replied yes.

Employees demand freedom and autonomy, according to Fiverr’s poll, said Shany Malbin, the company’s general manager. “High-performing American employees don’t want to always be under management’s scrutiny. When they are taking a break, they do not want to be timed.

Such mentalities are causing a rise in the number of highly trained people making freelancing their full-time profession. By 2030, it is expected that half of the U.S. workforce would be independent contractors. Employers must plan for employing independent workers in addition to thinking about how to make their workforces flexible in order to prepare for the changing nature of the workforce.