20K Refugees Will Be Employed by Amazon, Pepsi, and Others


Many businesses, including Amazon, Pepsi, and Pfizer, have promised to recruit 22,725 refugees to fill positions in the United States.

According to the Tent Partnership for Refugees, which launched its U.S. Business Summit on Refugees by announcing the employment initiative, this is the case.

Tent is a network of 260 large businesses that have promised to recruit refugees over the course of the next three years as they leave disasters in areas like Afghanistan and Ukraine.

Hamdi Ulukaya, CEO of Chobani and creator of Tent, said in a news release that “the American business community is displaying amazing leadership, and I am extremely happy of the firms speaking out for refugees today.”

“These businesses will gain by embracing these diligent, devoted, and resilient people, but my goal is that this is only the beginning. Companies must understand that hiring refugees is not just the ethical thing to do, but also the sensible thing to do, as refugee crises begin to recede from the news.

According to the press release, corporate leadership is vital in assisting refugees find employment since they frequently encounter substantial obstacles while looking for work in the United States, such as language issues and problems having their credentials verified.

According to the press release, Amazon will recruit at least 5,000 refugees, and ManpowerGroup will place 3,000 refugees with its business clients over a three-year period. While Blackstone portfolio firms and real estate holdings have pledged to recruit 2,500 migrants, Tyson Foods will hire  2,000 refugees.

According to Janet Saura, vice president of employee relations at Amazon, the business will also use its Welcome Door program to facilitate the immigration needs of new staff.

When President Joe Biden stated earlier this year that the United States would accept 100,000 refugees fleeing the turmoil in Russia and Ukraine, Airbnb decided to provide free temporary accommodation for those individuals.

Through Airbnb.org, more than 1,200 people in Europe secured temporary housing, while another 28,600 people registered to offer their homes to refugees.

73,000 unique donors from 95 different countries gave Airbnb a total of $6.8 million in tiny gifts.