Use of Artificial Intelligence in Business


    I am pretty sure that you must have encountered the word Artificial intelligence before if you are not living under a rock. Some say Artificial intelligence is the future and it can and is transforming the world we live in.  but what exactly is this Buzz all about and most importantly what good can it do to my business.

    So if we go by the standard definition without delving into the technicality of the subject artificial intelligence is a technique that enables machines to mimic human behavior. It has a wide range of applications and predicting something will happen or not is one of them.

    Okay sure but how is it going to transform my business? 

    Well if we look at the basic principle of business finding the right audience in the market is a very vital part of any organization to sell its product or provide its service. You cannot force-feed everyone to buy your product unless you want to be a dictator. This is where artificial intelligence fills in the gap for you.

    Digital marketing in the era of AI

    Ever wondered how Google lets you search anything without even charging a dime well you must be thinking that google is very generous and is giving a philanthropic service. I hate to break it for you but nothing is free in this world. If you are not paying anything to it that means you are the product. Google has all the data of what search was made by you at what time. Its AI system is so good that it can predict if you would be interested in a product or not. Here’s where any organization can leverage this in finding the right audience for themselves. Now AI can predict who can be your potential customer

    The more data the AI has the more precise the prediction can be and with the world going digital and more and more data being generated the precision is going to improve further

    All most every company is adopting AI in its business model

    AI is revolutionizing the Customer Experience

    Let’s face it, it is not easy for a new brand to sell something to someone

    Trust, effective communication, service are some of the factors every client considers before buying anything. With the help of AI, one can provide a tailored customer experience to a prospect.

    AI-powered Chatbots

    The use of AI Chatbots to provide quick and relevant solutions to customers is prevalent in today’s world this creates a sense of connection to the prospect. And the astonishing part is all these responses are provided by the AI system in real-time. You can solve the basic queries of many prospects at the same time using AI and hence enhancing the customer experience.

    Email Marketing (AI is providing a competing ground for small businesses)

    Converting a prospect into the lead and into a customer is sometimes a daunting task to do but with email marketing the task becomes a bit easier You can create an entire journey of a lead into a customer using email marketing campaign AI gives you the power to optimize your email campaign and trigger specifically tailored email to an individual. All of these can be done by simply automating the email campaign using AI