Ale Wallet: Computecoin Launches Crypto Wallet For Metaverse


    Metaverse is supposedly social media 2.0. It will revolutionize the way we operate on social media. With so many companies prepping themselves up for the next big revolution; Computecoin has launched a special wallet called Ale Wallet.

    With this wallet, you can send and receive CCN tokens (Computecoin’s native tokens), check your CCN balance, and explore other applications. The company indicated that this crypto currency wallet will soon support multi-chain integration–making it possible for users to conduct transactions across a range of different crypto as well and not just CCN.

    Computecoin is in the process of making the wallet as secure as possible. It will allow users to send funds that will be accessed by the receiver only by entering a unique key generated by the sender. The company also held a testnet airdrop to celebrate the launch of the wallet.

    Computecoin is a self-evolving computer built to serve the metaverse processing capacity and accessibility. Their mission is to make metaverse available for everyone to access, use and exchange. The project is now in its beta version. Since metaverse projects are in their trial phases, a lot of companies face significant limitations. Even world-famous platforms are centralized and low-fidelity, with limits on the number of users who can be in the same virtual space at once, and precious little customizability for users. Computecoin’s team has designed an answer to beat these obstacles and propel the metaverse into a brave new era. Computecoin can place suburbanized computing power at users’ fingertips within the best, most reasonable approach nonetheless. The project aspires to administer developers and groups the computing resources they have to make metaverse applications that transcend today’s limits.