Advertising Campaign: A Strategy to Create Awareness


If people are well acquainted with the information about your service or product, then there is no second thought on your sales funnel is full. The main focus of a business owner should be to make the audience or customers aware of their business or product.

Digitalization has made things easier than it was before. The traditional methods of advertising included newspaper advertisements, radio advertisements, T.V. ads, billboards, etc. These methods were time-consuming as well as targeted and reached only a few customers as these methods have boundary constraints. Business owners with a high budget for advertising can pass this hurdle of boundaries. But what about small business owners? They don’t have such big budgets for advertisement purposes. Here, a digital advertising campaign becomes a messiah for them or for anyone who is willing to reach globally in a cost-effective way.

An advertising campaign is a specifically designed strategy after knowing one’s needs and target audience. This advertising campaign is carried out on different platforms in order to achieve results such as increased brand awareness, increased sales, and improved communication within a specific market. Many business owners think that creating and carrying out an advertising campaign simply means just creating an ad. This misconception will be cleared here. To get the best results of your advertising campaign, it should be well-organized and worked on from a scratch. Launching an ad campaign is not everyone’s cup of tea, so one should opt for hiring an expert so that he/she will be able to get you through the thick and thin of your business. An advertising agency or an expert who is geared toward digital marketing is the best way to achieve the desired results. With the help of a digital advertising campaign, one can optimize its budget and access metrics related to the evolution of actions.

There are many ways to lunch and create a successful advertising campaign, but here are some of the best ways or your key for a successful launch of the advertising campaign:

1) Set a Goal
The only goal of an advertising campaign cannot just be filling the sales funnel! Ad campaigns are much more than that and it has more objective than just filling-up your sales pipeline. The most common goal of an ad campaign includes acquiring new clients, promoting current products, and launching new ones. An ad campaign can also be designed to improve brand awareness. Before creating or launching a new ad campaign you should be well aware of your targets and results after running the ad campaign.

2) Know your bull’s eye
Yes, everyone should be aware of their target and then carry out tasks accordingly. Every person or a business has its specific needs. Know about the needs, target market, or audience which will make it easy for you to accomplish what you desire to get. Different defining points might help you get a clearer vision of your targeted audience and also it will make you understand who are you trying to reach through these ad campaigns.

3) Divide your audiences into different branches
Once you know where to target and who are your targeted audiences, you should segregate them into various groups based on the products or services that you want to sell. To know what exactly your potential customers want, put yourself into the shoes of your customers and then think of different possibilities and interests that a customer can have. Try to identify that what might spark their interest? Is what you offer useful for them? How will you grab their attention? Is the price reasonable at which you are selling the product or service?

4) Different Platforms
To run an ad campaign, there are different tools or platforms available in the market. To select one from so many digital platforms you have to again study what suits you the best. Advertising from your social media account will allow you to create ads through social networks where you have your targeted audience. This platform also allows seamless communication between you and your potential customers and also with your existing customers.
E-mail Marketing is the most cost-effective way to advertise your product or service. Although you can use it to acquire new leads (which could then result in potential clients), the use of its ‘loyalty formula’ generates incredible results. Did you know that getting a new buyer is 7 times more expensive than maintaining just one who is already active?
Content Marketing, is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience — and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action. Therefore, content cannot be exclusively promotional.
SEM, Search Engine Marketing refers to paid advertisements on search engines. They consist of ads that are paid for by a pay-per-click (PPC) model. SEM is a great way to boost your position on search engines and, like social ads, they can be highly targeted and segmented.

5) Communication
What are you trying to convey from your advertising campaigns, is also fundamental. Even though each company and each strategy are different, the copy should always be natural sounding, well organized, clear, concise, fluid, and coherent. It may seem easy but if you add to the fact that the message should also be brief the pressure to get it right can really build up.

These are some of the important keys that you need to follow while running an ad campaign. It is not difficult but also not so easy! Recommend or hire an expert who will help you to get desired results for your business. The experts know it better and they know when and how should they run an ad campaign and also design it specifically according to one’s needs and requirements.