A New Record Has Been Made in Data Transmission Rates


    Remote working is the new normal that people have accepted! High internet speed is the need of the hour. To provide seamless and uninterrupted internet connection, engineers from Japan have achieved the fastest data transfer with their record-breaking internet speed.

    The wondrous milestone has been achieved by the engineers from Japan’s National Institute of Information and Technology (NICT). They have now published a research paper at International Conference on Optical Fiber Communication held virtually from June 6 to June 11.

    In the research, it was mentioned that the NICT’s team of engineers have made it possible to transfer 319 terabits per second (Tb/s) over a distance of approximately 3000 kilometers. Before this, the highest speed of the internet was recorded as 178 Tb/s.  The new technology leaves behind the old one by using 4-core optical fiber of standard outer diameter of 0.125 mm to transfer the data using light instead of normal copper wires. The team of engineers also used a 552-channel laser that can operate at various wavelengths. An experimental set-up of a re-circulating transmission loop that employed two kinds of rare-earth-doped fiber amplifiers helped in boosting the range and the speed of the internet.

    The transfer was recorded as the fastest data transfer until now and that too without any performance drop. The team of engineers at NICT claimed that the regular optical fiber cable that is used at home for daily usage, can also support this technology through some modifications. The new record-breaking internet speed can now help in building new communication systems that can support the new bandwidth-hungry services and systems.

    The team stated that it would also work further in order to increase the transmission capacity of low-core-count multi-core fibers and other novel SDM fibers. This also points towards the fact that the future transmission might be faster than the one which is recorded recently.