Consumer Experience: The Most Critical Competitive Differentiation


The customer plays a vital role in any business, each and every customer is important for the business. With the help of Market Intelligence, one can know what are the needs of the market and the customers and use Customer Engagement strategies to reach out or engage with them. Ultimately studying the market is studying the consumers as well.

“The consumer is the soul of any business. If they are looked after and nurtured properly, there are no limits for your business to touch the sky.”


Proactive Support, with this strategy a business owner can support or solve the customer’s problem as fast as they can. Modern customers expect the brand to be proactive in reaching out to their customers and solving and knowing their problem before they know it.

For the proactive service for the customers, one can contact them before they try to reach out to you. Secondly, ask customers for their valuable feedback, as feedback is really important for the business to improve or to correct their mistakes. Thirdly, creating valuable and quality content and sharing them via different digital platforms. One can create, store, and use the same data with the help of Data Integration and Tag Management.

Personalizing has become more impactful these days. If you know your customer in and out and talk with them accordingly, then you are not far away from gaining their loyalty and trust towards your business or brand. When a consumer is trying to reach out to you, you should know the ins and outs of the customer, such as what are the problems they have encountered, the feedback that they have shared before, and many more.

To give your consumers a personalizing experience, you can make personalization your priority on every customer support channel, if there are delays you can send them handwritten or personalized e-mails or also call them, and you can share positive consumer feedback on your social media account or on your website by tagging them.

Chatbots with the help of Artificial Intelligence has become more impactful than chatting with the actual agent. With the help of chatbots, consumers are able to get a 24*7 service, also, consumers are receiving instant replies to their questions, chatbots also have the consumer data so that they can assist them with any need regarding the consumer data. They have resources like self-help articles or FAQs to solve the simple questions of the consumers.

Social Media Service, most consumers tend to check about the brand on social media first. If your social media account is not active then the first step that you should take to reach out to your customers as fast as possible then you should re-start or reactivate your social media account. Modern customers tend to contact you on social media if there is any problem faced by them and expect to get a reply within an hour. A maximum number of people use social media to know about anything or any person so, making your social media account active can prove to be a game-changer. With these small changes in your Customer Intelligence strategy, you can make a huge difference to your business, and customer engagement.